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Black Soap Opera - Inner City Bluz

September 5, 2010


The webisode “Inner City Bluz” promises to reveal the hard edge of at-risk inner city children when the bottom of life falls from under them.  Forced to live on the streets, the children learn life skills and begin to understand the morals their deceased mother gave them.


Inspired by the inner city children of Wilmington, Delaware, Harold B. Pritchett has written an unusual style of webisode about the inner city.  “This is the story from the children’s perspective” says the now local director, living in Wilmington.   “Children have a different way of managing their feelings during a crisis.  Living on the inner city street is like trying to steer a sinking boat in a hurricane.  You’ll be up to your neck with problems 24/7.  The inner city streets are no place for children.”  


For more information – Google: Inner City Bluz

Agape the Movie

September 13, 2007

W “Agape”

Independent Filmmaking of the Future is here! 

hbp Productions motion picture press release

hbp Productions is in production on the feature drama Agape  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT:Harold B. Pritchett
Scenes from AGAPE

Harold B. Pritchett: Independent Filmmaker of the Future

If you Google Harold B. Pritchett you may find a few sites telling you a little about this man’s dream to create a film titled “Agape”.  But if you “Google “hbpy2k” you’ll see the future of filmmaking. The film “Agape”, shot in digital video, endeavors to set in motion the limits of low-budget independent filmmaking.  “The future is here!” explains Pritchett. “This is now the time for making films that can be seen by millions of internet users. Once the promotional scenes have been viewed by internet users, the way has been paved to have your project sold to an established fan base.” Pritchett says.Yahoo Movies Article on Harold B. PritchettUsing the latest camera and editing system, Pritchett uploaded ten scenes onto YouTube, for the Hollywood folks to see.  What happened next is the stuff Hollywood stories are made of, the scenes quickly spread across the...

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