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hbp's On Camera


Can you learn to swim without being in the water?

Can you learn acting without being on camera?

If you want to work in Hollywood, there is no substitution

for an on-camera class. 

hbp Productions offers the most unique and practical on camera training in Hollywood.

The classes are filmed, which allows the students to see progress and improvement through a class and through a session.  The filming also teaches students how to "act for the camera", which is essential preparation for most of the work actors will encounter.  If you want to work in Hollywood, there is no substitution for an on-camera class. 

Scenes are cut in post production

with music, effects, and posted on the internet!

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During filming students are given the chance to perform in several different takes of the same scene.  Their motion, action, and acting are filmed.  Adjustments are made - the camera is repositioned another take is shot. 

After filming we watch the scenes and students are given feedback.

Next - - the scene is cut with music and effects and posted on the internet.

Our classes are limited to 4 or 5 students, and every student is on camera in every class.  If you are just watching in a class or just listening to lectures you are not receiving the on camera experience that you will encounter in working Hollywood

There is no substitution!!!!!

You cannot learn to act by listening or watching others.

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You must experience on camera acting class!

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On Camera Actors Training

Shot on location

hbp' On Camera Acting Class

Shot in Hollywood, California

Get Comfortable On Camera