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hbp Productions is currently shooting "Agape" on the streets of Wilmington, DE

hbp Productions motion picture press release

hbp Productions is in production on the feature drama Agape



Harold B. Pritchett
Email: hbpy2k@hotmail.com

Scenes from AGAPE: http://www.youtube.com/user/hbpy2k 


Hbp Productions, a complete new media service in Wilmington, DE is currently in the principle photography stage of the project “AGAPE”, a full-length, dramatic film.  AGAPE is being filmed entirely on location in the Wilmington, Delaware area.  The film’s cast, led by Neil Carr, is composed of local talent (all first time) non-professional actors.  

Carr, the only cast member with acting experience on stage and screen, leads the fight against Salencio, the drug king pin played by Mark Noel.

Noel, in his filming debut as Salencio the drug king pin, wants to take over the city.

Written, produced and directed by Harold B. Pritchett, AGAPE is a story that reflects the life and times that we live in today.  The character Eric tries to keep the drug dealers away from his block as his sister lives on the street searching for her next hit of crack. Salencio wants to take over the city’s drug business. 

This action packed drama, which began principle photography in August, has been talked about by production people in Hollywood, where Pritchett is from.  Many Hollywood folks wanted to see scenes from the daily shooting to distinguish the production as a viable project they were willing to back or just another small indie film.   They were shocked at the production quality, editing, lighting, camera angles, and story.  

Using the latest camera and editing system, Pritchett uploaded four scenes onto You Tube, for the Hollywood folks to see.   He rejected help from Hollywood backers and plans to complete the film on his own. 

(Broadcast video of scenes available for television stations)


So far I find the people of Wilmington love to see their city on the screen, and many can identify with the problems they are faced with each day in the streets.  Wilmington has opened its heart and doors to us in order to help us finish this project.  “It was said by one of the ladies helping us, that this story must be told,”

Pritchett says. “The desktop technology that’s available today is remarkable,” says Pritchett. “I’m able to produce special effects in my personal studio today, that just a few years ago could only have been created by major Hollywood companies at the cost of many millions of dollars”.  He added, “The shoot-out in the Brandywine Woods, and the explosions under the freeway earned everyone’s attention and garnished strong feelings for that scene, even though, I’m not finished”.

The film, shot in digital video, endeavors to set in motion the limits of low-budget independent filmmaking. Hbp has worked for ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX SPORTS WEST, GSN, and many more…Broadcast video of scenes available for television stations.

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