About Nenah Elam

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Nenah Elam was born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware
Coming from a big family, with four siblings on her mother’s side 
and three siblings on her father’s side, she is currently a senior at 
William Penn High School in New Castle, Delaware.
         Nenah has no previous acting experience; however she has a 
strong passion for writing short stories and poems.  
At the early age of 8 years old, Nenah was told by her 
third grade teacher that she had a great talent for writing.  
From that point on, she went from using spelling words 
to write stories about “Rats from Outer Space” to using English class 
as time to write college entry letters and scholarship essays.  
She has written a variety of selections from short stories about a 
haunted pool inside of a middle school to a poem about 
teens driving under the influence of alcohol.  
She even went as far as to get a poem dedicated to 
Mothers on Mothers’ Day copyrighted. 
She is a talented young lady on the rise for success.
            On top of writing stories and taking AP and other College Bound 
classes at William Penn High School, Nenah is also a participant in the 
Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. Debutantes of 2007-2008. 
The program will prepare several young ladies like 
Nenah to get ready to be presented to a room full of people as a young lady.
            After high school, Nenah hopes to attend 
Howard University in Washington, DC, 
majoring in Journalism, Creative Writing, and Psychology.  
She plans to become a Child Psychologist in the years to come 
after her college education.